The Same Old Story

At Limebird Writers, LimebirdSter takes a look at basic plots and if any story is really new. She breaks plots down to seven basic types, like Quest, Rebirth, and Overcoming a Monster. You can fit almost every story into at least one of these categories.

I’ve heard plot broken down even further, into just two categories: A Stranger Comes to Town, or Someone Goes on a Journey. And that can get even further broken down, since A Stranger Comes to Town is just Someone Goes on a Journey told from another perspective. Obviously that doesn’t have to be even close to literal, but I like thinking about what kind of journeys various characters are on.

I don’t think it really matters if there’s any new story or not. It’s the telling that matters.

3 thoughts on “The Same Old Story

  1. This puts to might on how two people can tell the exact same joke; one telling elicits groans while the other manages to inspire belly laughs. It’s all about the telling!

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