Friday Fifteen

Welcome back to the Friday Fifteen, your favorite (only?) source of five fifteen-word reviews. Onto the books!

1. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Bought it because I like Green’s work; ended up being particularly touched by Levithan’s Will.

2. The Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz
Silly sounds and muddy fun in a cute picture book.

3. Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen Cookbook: 100 + Great Recipes with Foolproof Instructions by Nancy Mills and Kevin Mills
My first cookbook. Perfect for new cooks, with useful “mom tips,” like what ovenproof means.

4. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
My favorite Cinderella adaptation, full of charm. Don’t judge it by the movie.

5. The Prelude by William Wordsworth
Lesson from Oxford: If the question is Wordsworth, the answer is “The mind of God.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Fifteen

  1. I read Ella Enchanted in 5th grade and I totally wanted to BE Ella. I imagined myself as her every time I re-read it– so, I refused to watch the movie and actually disliked Anne Hathaway for awhile afterwards, because I was supposed to be Ella, not her!

  2. I read Ella Enchanted obsessively for years until my copy completely fell apart. I found the same edition in better shape at a used bookstore last year and of course was delighted 🙂 I refused to see the movie on principle.

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