Listen All Y’all, It’s a Sabotage

From this list of 5 ways your brain sabotages your writing:

Your brain says: “Watching that video of a baby otter eating a medley of seafood with his little paws is a great use of your time.”
The reality: Your brain favors immediate rewards over long-term ones, so it tries to trick you.

My brain is totally on this one. Especially when the time wasted on funny videos and links can masquerade as developing my social media platform. One solution to this problem:

“Fool your brain by providing short-term rewards for completing parts of your long-term goals. Finish a chapter of your novel? Go eat frogurt, head to the pub, or do bath salts…whatever is rewarding for you.”

The hard part is not allowing yourself that reward until you’re actually done. Make sure to check out the whole list so you can figure out how to outwit your crafty brain.

And seriously guys, you need to check out that otter. So cute!

2 thoughts on “Listen All Y’all, It’s a Sabotage

  1. Pinterest is my short-term downfall. I’ll be in the midst of editing and click out of the document and over to pinterest. It’s without thought too because I’ll realize what I’ve done seconds later and then hang my head in shame…lol

    Thanks for pointing out this fast-growing problem.

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